Welcome to the Gymnast Fit website!

EVERFITT provides specialist adult fitness classes based around the principles of gymnastics and trampolining.

The classes provide a fun, challenging and informative alternative to mundane sessions in the gym, or generic exercises classes.


The emphasis always being on achieving goals through progressive exercises, which develop and reinforce correct technique, thus reducing risk of muscular imbalances and injuries.




Gymnasts have amazing bodies due to their balanced approach to training. All the muscles in the body working together in unison to produce huge feats of power and strength. Equal emphasis on working the back (posterior) and the front (anterior) of the body leads to  great posture, which is supported by a strong core.

Gymnast Fit is not a gymnastics class in which you learn to somersault, back flip, handspring etc. It is a  class designed to develop the fundamentals of gymnastics: Strength, Flexibility, Balance and Power.

Strength - This will be achieved through body weight exercises. Body weight exercises are great as they work several muscles in the body at the same time, creating a balanced whole body workout each session, they also require very little equipment so you can do them anywhere!

Flexibility - Most of the skills involved in Gymnast Fit require a certain level of flexibility, flexibility is also important to prevent muscular imbalances and injuires. Therefore we will be using progressive stretching at the end of each session to increase our range of movement, when our muscles are warm and at their most pliable.

Balance - Greater strength achieved through solid technique, and increased flexibilty will lead to improved balance.

Power - Some of you may associate this with the word 'plyometrics'. The ability of the body to recruit as many muscle fibres as our nervous system can manage, then co ordinating them to work together in perfect unison so our bodies can gracefully explode through the air! Something gymnasts do best!

Gymnast Fit requires that you have a basic level of fitness, so if you are already engaged in an exercise programme whether it be sports or purely fitness releated, or perhaps you just have an active lifestyle and are looking for something new, then Gymnast Fit could be the perfect class for you.

If you like the idea of using gymnastics to keep fit, but are looking for an absolute beginner level, please still get in touch as I will be running more sessions and a light-hearted beginner class is next on the list!

Alternatively if you think a trampoline based exercise class may be more your thing, check out this website: www.bouncercise.co.uk